5 Tips To Maintain A Healthy Work-life Balance


Over one-third of our waking hours are spent at work, which may be detrimental to our physical and emotional well-being.
According to a recent Capital on Tap poll, 32% of 250 small business owners in the UK stated that they had to make difficult and painful decisions in their personal lives in order for their company to succeed. An excellent illustration of someone who had to do this is this person.

The results show that missing events with family or friends is the hardest thing for small business owners. In fact, 36% of those surveyed said they’ve had to miss important times before.
See below the top five sacrifices business owners have had to make due to business commitments:


Sacrifice made due to business commitments 

% of small business owners who experienced this


Missed events with friends and family



Work long and unsociable hours



Spend less time with family than would like



Mental health has suffered



Work-life balance has suffered 



Sleep schedule has suffered



Have had to make difficult decisions in my personal life



Sacrificed financial security 


Facing such a busy schedule, two-fifths (39%) of surveyed business owners think it’s important to make time for self-care each day, and 89% of include some sort of wellness in their daily routine.

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The most common self-care activities are:

  • taking a shower (99%),

  • healthy eating (93%),

  • going for a walk outside (92%),

  • skincare (85%),

  • reading a book (66%), and

  • listening to a podcast (66%).

1. Tell yourself what you want.
It’s easy to think we can get more done than we actually can because the day only has so many hours. Having a set schedule every day should help you keep track of time, though.
Plan to start and end your workday at regular times, take a lunch break, and leave some room for freedom. Then, write down what you think you can actually get done in a day.

2. Assign tasks when you can
Don’t let yourself get stuck in the habit of doing everything yourself. Giving other people jobs to do, either within your company or by hiring someone else to do them, will give you more time to work on other things in your life.

3. Keep your free time safe
Make clear rules for yourself, and try to keep your evenings and weekends as free as possible. An important first step is to turn off all of your gadgets and give yourself some time to recharge.

4. Don’t give in to the demands of social media.
Don’t compare yourself to other people too much. People are happy about their wins and successes on social media, which is great. But what you don’t see as much are the problems this company has had to deal with along the way.

5. Keep the attention on you
There will be a lot of other things that will want your attention, but try to keep your mind on your business and your goals. Also, keep in mind that success means different things to different people. It’s also very important to have a clear picture of what you want and where you want to go (24% of business owners say that manifestation got them where they are now).

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