3 Easy Methods To Enhance Workplace Recognition



Although it is not always expected, receiving praise for one’s accomplishments at work is essential to the team’s and the company’s success.

According to Laura Donnellan, Founder, Compassionate Leaders Circle, they are useful as vital tools to foster empathy in the workplace and cultivate compassionate leaders.

Donnellan discussed the significance of giving and receiving recognition as one way to forge new relationships, create bridges among teams, and ease tensions amid divergent goals, priorities, or approaches. She did this by citing a Gallup study that found that the use of HR technology for recognition significantly improved the culture and productivity of businesses. According to her post on Forbes, “A compassionate leader fosters connection in the workplace.”

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In order to further, Donnellan spoke with KeyAnna Schmiedl, the Chief Human Experience Officer of Workhuman, a platform that leverages public feeds and automated prompts to emphasise employee recognition. Schemiedl outlined three particular ways that recognition platforms might help firms. Schemiedl is passionate about creative approaches to human resources.

Futhermore, Schemiedl clarified that the first is at the conclusion of the initial week of onboarding new employees. “Recognition should not simply come from the top down; thanks to HR Tech, it can occur throughout the entire organisation. After a new hire’s first week of onboarding, an HR software platform may notify colleagues to push the person to begin networking right away, she explained.

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The second is performance management, where leadership teams can provide leaders and staff with review questions on a regular basis as a workable way to address the issue of not having enough time for frequent check-ins. Finally, Schmiedl suggested that in order to foster genuine communal experiences and comprehensive recognition, personal updates be used.

“Considering an HR recognition platform is a great opportunity, whether one’s company has remote employees or wants to create a culture of connection,” Donnellan said in closing.

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