Six 2024 Workforce Trends To Watch



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Businesses think that by 2027, the core skills of almost half of the world’s workers will have changed because of how quickly external workforces and new tools change things.

This was one of the main points of the Future of Jobs Report from the World Economic Forum. The report said that companies can’t create and expand their training programmes fast enough to keep up with how quickly technology changes.

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AI was named by experts as one of the most important changes that will happen in the way we work. However, other things, like the green shift and the state of the global economy, will affect nearly a quarter of jobs by 2027. The World Economic Forum said that in the coming years, upskilling and growth will also be very important to make sure that the future of work is fair for everyone. What these leaders said at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was one of the most important things. They believe that any money that companies spend in the industry should also be spent on people.

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Business leaders and experts who met at Davos for the Annual Meeting identified and predicted six work and workplace trends. The rise of hybrid and flexible work arrangements means that employees don’t have as many permanent workspaces. This is because generative AI has led to an uneven rise in productivity. This is especially in knowledge-heavy industries like IT and digital communications. It is also anticipated that by 2030, there would be about 92 million digital employment worldwide.

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