How to Answer "Tell me about yourself" During Job Interview

How to Answer “Tell me about yourself” During Job Interview

How to Answer "Tell me about yourself" During Job Interview“Tell me about yourself.” This is one of many typical and challenging questions in job interviews. However, many job searchers disregard it, believing it to be a lighthearted icebreaker.

However, they should think carefully before answering, as most interviewers take more than just the “Tell me about yourself” question for granted. Hiring managers use this open-ended inquiry to hope that applicants will share details about their objectives and ambitions, which will help them better understand each applicant’s true character.

Additionally, interviewers use this question to gauge an applicant’s confidence level, which helps them see how the candidate will come across to clients, customers, and coworkers if hired.

Knowing how to respond to the question “Tell me about yourself” as a job seeker offers a fantastic opportunity to highlight the qualifications and experience that make you the best person for the job. Additionally, it’s a good idea to get off on the right foot because it’s a question that many hiring managers ask first. To help you ace your response, consider the following additional job interview advice:

Things not to say

A common error job applicants make is answering this question by discussing something personal during the interview. Some even begin with their hometown and proceed to their college graduation.

Alternatively, others describe the issues they are having at their current job and say they applied for this role because their current boss is a micromanager or their company does not let them work a flexible schedule.

Additionally, some job seekers only chronologically list their professional experience and educational background on their CV.

These three answers could swiftly ruin your interview. Hiring managers will consider your response to either of the first two questions as a red flag, indicating that you are either not serious about the employment or are just attempting to get out of a poor situation at your current job.

Additionally, you are wasting a chance if you choose the third course of action. It is reasonable to presume that the interviewers analyzed your resume before extending an invitation to meet you. So they don’t require your assistance navigating it.

Create a brief introduction for the interview

The best approach to responding to the “Tell me about yourself” question is to make sure you can briefly and clearly state why you want the position and how you’re qualified for it. Therefore, take some time to study the job description in the job advertisement. Do some research about the organization before you begin developing your selling points. In this manner, you’ll know the experience and skill set the recruiting manager seeks.

Next, write a brief script highlighting your post-relevant skills, competencies, and capabilities. Then, address your career-related goals for applying for the job. For example, tell them your desire to get more experience and take on more responsibility. Finish by briefly outlining your reasons for wanting to work for this company.


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An effective interview response to “Tell me about yourself.”

“I have three years of experience as an administrative assistant. In my current position, I manage the scheduling, meetings, and travel arrangements for 20 employees and four executives in the finance department of a midsize business. I also assist with writing reports, letters, and presentations.

I have a reputation for being a meticulous and well-organized team member. I can manage several projects simultaneously, am an excellent communicator, and always meet deadlines. My boss consistently mentions how much he values my professionalism and work ethic in my performance assessments.

Now that I’ve had this experience, I’m searching for a chance to advance in my job. I hope to work for a company like yours that is committed to environmental improvement because I am interested in it.”

A last tip for responding to the question, “Tell me about yourself.”

Keep it brief. Take as little time as possible to respond. The hiring manager doesn’t need to know everything that you believe makes you a standout applicant. You may make a great first impression on the interviewer by providing key details that will pique their curiosity about you.

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