5 Workplace-Safe April Fools Pranks

5 Workplace-Safe April Fools Pranks

5 Workplace-Safe April Fools PranksApril Fools Day is here, which makes it the ideal occasion for some pranks. Make sure you don’t do anything too intrusive or embarrassing to your supervisor or coworkers if you’re planning an April Fools’ joke at work. You will still need to collaborate with them once the joke ends, unless you are fired, that is. We’ve therefore compiled a list of 5 harmless April Fools jokes for the workplace that won’t result in your termination or other social exclusion. Cheers to teasing!

1. Doorway Covered with Plastic

It can be hilarious to see a coworker bounce off a door, whether it’s the main door, your office door, or the bathroom door! To prevent the surprise from being spoiled by glare, this practical joke works best in a poorly lit area. Sometimes all that is needed is a waist-high strip that is easiest to hide.

2. Fake Mouse

No, we are not discussing the murder of any actual animals here! Place a sticker (or place a piece of paper) under the mouse on their computer as part of this April Fools’ joke. The sticker will prevent the mouse from operating, whether it is a ball-rolling or laser mouse. When they eventually figure out why their mouse isn’t working, they’ll see the tape or sticker underneath it. Inscribe “April Fools” on it, please!


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3. Held hostage

One of your coworker’s most valuable items should be swiped and hidden. For example, their favorite coffee mug or desk ornament. In its place, leave an anonymous ransom note demanding candy in exchange for the item’s safe return. So, you set the terms, the location and time of the meeting, etc.

4. No More QWERTY Keyboard

This office April Fool’s joke actually spells out the occasion! Most individuals type on a keyboard without even looking at the keys. However, you already know where every letter is. See how long it takes a coworker to notice if you remove and reorganize the keys on their keyboard so the letters read APRIL FOOLS on April Fools’ Day?

5. Office’s biggest fan

Decorate your boss’s or coworker’s office with posters and merchandise from a celebrity they don’t truly care for. Consider Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osborn, KISS, Spice Girls, politicians, and so forth. Imagine their astonished expression when entering their fan-crazed workspace.

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