What Millennials Want in a Workplace?

Millennials are one of the most misunderstood generation. They are commonly perceived as being “tech-obsessed”, and a “know-it-all”. However, this generation is also known for being one of the most promising generations.

It is reported that millennials would work for not more than 5 years in their current organisation and search for new opportunities within 12 months of working for their current employers. So what do Millennials actually want in a workplace?


1. Purpose & Progression:

Millennials want their work to have a purpose. They don’t plan on being the boss the very next day, but they do care about the progress of their day-to-day responsibilities at work. Most millennials like having more tasks to carry out as they seek growth and progression in their career. Employers are highly encouraged to train their young talents to improve professionally and guide them in their career development.


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2. Flexibility & Fluidity:

Millennials believe in flexibility at work. Although millennials are willing to work extra hours, flexibility has positive productivity effects on this young professionals. They also appreciate employers that provide fluidity. This helps them attend to personal and social matters. Plus with the current digital age, millennials take this as an advantage to work anytime and anywhere by also delivering great results.


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3. Physical and Mental Support:

A holistic employee wellness program or benefits will be highly useful. This helps in retaining and attracting young talents in organisations. It is reported that millennials search for jobs and employers that support their needs. Personal needs, physical and mental health are one of their expected needs. This generational group is also less likely to be swayed by a year-end bonus and an unsupportive work environment compared to previous generations.


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While there are a million tips on how a leader should retain and attract talented millennials in their workforce, it is essential to get the basics right. This newcomers in the workforce crave a competitive work environment, respectable salary, reliable promotions as well as regular feedback and communication from employers and leaders. 


About the Author:

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