7 Essential Job Search Tips During Ramadhan Season

Job search during the Ramadhan season can be frustrating as the hiring process slow down or job openings may not be as prevalent. It is still a good opportunity if you are looking to maximise your chances of getting the job you desire in every possible way. So here are 7 essential tips that you can apply to your job search during this Ramadhan season.


1.Job Searching after Iftar

What is a better way to start your job search with the extra two hours of free time before Taraweeh prayers? After having a hearty meal for Iftar and well hydrated, these extra hours is a great time to search for jobs while your body is gradually regaining energy after a long period of fasting while creating a subroutine for you to follow through the Ramadhan season.


2. Arrange for morning interviews

Dehydration can significantly lower brain performance which can make job interviews challenging. If you are fasting, try to arrange the interview session as close to Suhoor as possible. You will feel less dehydrated and will help you perform much better compared to later in the day.


3. There may be fewer job openings during Ramadhan season

It may not sound like a good thing, but if you think about it first. These could be the only jobs that are the most urgent and important positions as there may be fewer people looking for jobs in the fasting month. Customise your CVs and your LinkedIn profile to be clean and professional to ensure you are in top shape.


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4.Taking advantage of the fasting period

Most job seekers are under the impression that Ramadhan is not a good time to search for jobs. Fewer job seekers mean lower job applicants for open positions to compete with. It also means that your resume can stand out more and even get more attention from interested employers. Utilise the right keywords and highlight your key accomplishments that relate back to the job post while emphasising you are a person that is flexible to work with.


5.Plan your tasks ahead

A little head start in planning your day can help you make the most of your day throughout the month of Ramadhan. This especially true for those who have children to take care of. Plan and complete your daily household chores efficiently by delegating your tasks with your spouse and children. This will help ensure you will have sufficient time for job search and interview for upcoming days.


6. Send greetings for those who are fasting during Ramadhan month

Send your greetings to networking contacts, recruiters and employers that you have interviewed previously is a great way to reach out with those who can assist you with your job search.


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7.Taking advantage of Ramadhan season employment opportunities

There are companies and industries that get busier during the Ramadhan season and routinely hire extra staff to assist them to meet with higher than normal work volume. Industries such as retail, travel & tourism, food & hospitality, package delivery are the prime examples. These jobs present a temporary opportunity for those who are currently unemployed and looking to earn extra money.


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