4 Fears You Should Overcome When Accepting A New Job Offer

For some people, the prospect of changing jobs can be exciting, and some are afraid of it. The fear of moving into the unknown, limiting self-beliefs and what if things didn’t turn out well have started to project into your mind. If you found yourself a really good job opportunity, you cannot leave your fear to crush your future career path. These are the factors that you need to overcome and how to achieve it if you truly want to propel your career into a better future.


1. You cannot believe that you’re really getting a way better job offer

The fact that a job offer just landed in front of you regardless if you tried to search for a new job or not goes to show that this your golden opportunity. The only thing that is holding you back is your utter disbelief and fear of change. While it is true that making a bold decision, especially when it comes to your career will take time for you to process. You need to keep reminding yourself that you were hired because you are the best fit for the job. Your exceptional skills, your working experience, your strengths, talents and characters make you the perfect choice for the position. If you are still doubting yourself, the fact that your new potential employer chooses you like the person for the job certainly counts for something. This shows that you are capable as you hoping to be and better than you sometimes think you are.


2. You kept thinking this is not the right time 

If you kept thinking that this is not the right time for you to make a job change, you need to consider other factors be it a promotion, pay rise or the learning opportunities provided by the company. That being said, you should also consider if the potential new employer can provide all the same benefits and whether they are open to negotiation during the interview. Perhaps you are currently managing a very important project that you cannot split until it’s completed. Regardless, you can opt to provide a notice period so that your work can be handed over to a suitable replacement. Always put your own needs first, especially when it comes to your future career, no one can dictate, if you should remain or leave the job.


3. You are worried that you might not be able to change and adapt

There are many things to consider before committing towards moving to a new job. You are thinking about commuting, new work mates, new work challenges and many more in a new job. While sticking with your current job feels much safer and more comfortable, if you are hoping to advance your career further, you have to leap of faith. With all these thoughts coursing through your mind, take a step back and calm down. Approach each challenges one at a time to ensure everything thought out and considered before making the next decision.


4. You are concerned about entering into a different industry that you have no working experience

If you think that venturing into a new industry and learning new jargon is enough to demotivate you from taking up the job offer, you are not alone. Keep in mind, that we all have to start from somewhere when entering into a new job. Learning and working in a different industry can be an advantage and a great opportunity to expand your career expertise. Go through the duties involved and the skills required for the new role. Compare and determine which skills you possess are transferable to the new job and what skills do you need to learn to fill up the gap. With a proper self-assessment of yourself, you will be able to become a competent professional in a short time in your new job.


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