A chef is a culinary professional who specialises in preparing and creating various dishes and meals in a professional kitchen. Their primary role involves overseeing the entire food preparation process, from planning and sourcing ingredients to cooking and presentation.Ā 


We are looking for a dedicated chef to join our team and to create delicious meals for our loyal and beloved customers. Chefs are responsible for studying recipes and setting up menus according to themes and seasons. They are also required to delegate tasks to the kitchen staff to ensure that all the meals are prepared on time. Chefs must also be familiar with sanitation rules and regulations. You will need to prepare and deliver a complete menu that will interest our guests.Ā 

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  • Set kitchen up with cooking utensils and equipment such as knives, pans and cooking equipment

  • Study each recipe and gather all necessary ingredients

  • Cook the food in a timely manner

  • Delegate tasks to kitchen staff

  • Inform wait staff on daily specials

  • Ensure appealing plate presentation

  • Supervise and assist cooks if needed

  • Slightly modify recipes to meet customersā€™ requests

  • Check for freshness

  • Experiment with existing recipes

  • Ensure sanitation and cleanliness are complied at all times

  • Proven working experience as a chef

  • Able to handle kitchen equipment safely

  • Advanced knowledge on culinary, baking and pastry techniques

  • Ability to remain calm under pressure

  • Excellent time managementĀ 

  • Familiar with sanitation regulations

  • Culinary school diploma preferred

Salary range

The salary range for a chef is between RM 2,700 to RM 5,600.

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