AI tools can be beneficial for people with less training. Retail workers don’t always know what skills they have. If they know how to explain what they do to ChatGPT, it can help them turn those things into skills, which could help them get white-collar jobs.

But some companies and hiring managers don’t like the idea. AI users should still look at the results of tools and materials made by AI. Then you have to use your critical thinking to decide whether this is good or not?

Here are 5 AI tools that can help you find a job:

1. LinkedIn: AI-Powered Software To Help Draft Messages To Hiring Managers

It can be scary to reach out to hiring managers. What should you say in your message? Since May, LinkedIn has used generative AI to help premium users write personalized messages to hiring managers when they are messaging them on LinkedIn.

AI-powered writing tools on the job site that help users improve their profiles. Customization is still important. So, take the time to review and edit the draft to make it your own and show your voice, then send it to the hiring manager and move one step closer to your next opportunity.

5 AI Tools To Boost Your Job Search

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2. NAV: A Credit Score For Your Career

NAV uses creative AI and algorithms to score your career or job offers. Users fill out NAV‘s online evaluation to get a score and comment on whether it’s time to leave.

Think of it as a credit score for how well you’re moving up the ladder. This is about getting the kind of advice about your career path that you would need from a human resources point of view.

NAV also has human job coaches to help users understand and advise their results.

3. Prepper: Let AI Help You Interview Prep

In June, the job search platform Prepper came out. Prepper is an interview preparation tool that uses artificial intelligence to ask you questions and give you comments on how you answered them. In its first 10 days, more than 2,000 people used the tool daily.

To use Prepper, job hunters give the large language model the job description they are interviewing for. Prepper comes up with interview questions specific to the company and the job. Users type in their answers; the tool suggests other answers based on those answers. The company plans to add more features so users can answer interview questions with their voices.

It gives you more confidence which could help with nerves before an interview.

4. Cover Letter Copilot: A Free Service For A Dreaded Task

Writing cover letters is not fun for anyone. Getting a service to write one for you might sound better, but it usually costs money.

Cover Letter Copilot is a free service that was released at the beginning of June. It uses AI that learns from what it sees. Users don’t have to give individual answers to questions to the ChatGPT creator. Job seekers can post their resume and a job description, and the tool will make a cover letter that fits their needs.

5. Rezi: Resignation Letter Generator To Help You Quit

People looking for jobs often use the GPT-powered resume maker on Rezi. But its new tool, which came out last year, is aimed at people who want to quit.

The company’s new AI resignation letter builder uses machine learning to make simple, professional notes in just a few seconds. All you have to do is fill in the basics: the name of your company, your job title, your last day of work, why you are leaving, and your signature.

The tool has already been used by more than 315,000 people. It has models for specific jobs, like product managers, legal secretaries, etc.

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