Accounting Assistant Job Description Template

Accounting Assistant Job Description Template

Accounting Assistant Job Description TemplateAccounting Assistant Job Description

An Accounting Assistant is a professional responsible for budget as well as record maintenance. Moreover, they produce invoices for clients or employers. Therefore, those in this role will assist with day-to-day duties directly related to their field, making accuracy essential.

Accounting Assistant responsibilities include:

  • Correcting discrepancies as well as reconciling invoices.

  • Preparing and also revising expense accounts.

  • Transacting with reimbursement documents.

Job Brief

We are seeking an Accounting Assistant to support our financial team by performing daily accounting duties.

Managing expense reports and reimbursements, inputting financial transactions into our internal databases, as well as reconciling invoices are the responsibilities for this position. Also, if you have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and are interested in gaining experience in accountancy, we would like to meet you.

Eventually, you will help our Accounting department operate smoothly by ensuring transparent and efficient transactions.


  • Identify and reconcile invoice discrepancies.

  • Create and also maintain expense accounts.

  • Perform processing of reimbursement forms.

  • Prepare monetary grants.

  • Entering financial transactions into corporate databases.

  • Examine spreadsheets for precision.

  • Maintain electronic as well as paper financial records.

  • As required, issue invoices to customers and also external collaborators.

  • Examine and organize payroll records.

  • Engage in quarterly and yearly audits.

Requirements and Skills

  • Accounting Assistant or accounting clerk experience.

  • Knowledge of fundamental accounting procedures.

  • Knowledge of financial regulations.

  • Excellent mathematical skills and the ability to detect numerical errors.

  • MS Excel and accounting software (such as QuickBooks) expertise.

  • Organizational abilities.

  • Capacity to manage sensitive and private information.

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a relevant field.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Accounting Assistant jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 2,200 to RM 2,900.

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