Actuary Job Description Template

Actuary Job Description Template

Actuary Job Description TemplateActuary Job Description

Utilize this job description template for an Actuary in order to attract and hire qualified candidates for your company. So, feel free to modify the responsibilities and qualifications.

Actuary responsibilities include:

  • Conducting risk evaluations.

  • Developing predictive models for precise analysis of prospective outcomes.

  • Advising investments with the lowest risk and also highest potential profits.

Job Brief

We seek an Actuary in order to conduct intricate risk analyses and forecast the outcome of potential investments.

As an Actuary, you will develop statistical models to calculate probabilities and also present findings in comprehensive reports. To be successful in this position, you should have an aptitude for mathematics and an analytical mindset.

You will ultimately assist us in making the most profitable investments while minimizing financial risk.


  • Conduct risk analysis.

  • Construct predictive models to precisely evaluate potential outcomes.

  • Recommend investments with the lowest potential risk and highest possible returns.

  • Calculate total assets and liabilities.

  • Determine the investment’s financial status.

  • Compare actual ROIs to projections.

  • Monitor market trends and identify investment and funding opportunities.

  • Develop guidelines and policies for avoiding high-risk investments and their associated losses.

  • Maintain documentation of payments, financings, and underwriting policies.

Requirements and Skills

  • Experience as an Actuary, Investment Analyst, or in a comparable role.

  • Expertise in the application of actuarial formulas and tables.

  • Practical experience with statistical software such as SPSS.

  • Excellent knowledge of insurance law.

  • Excellent mathematical and analytic abilities.

  • Observance of detail.

  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Mathematics, or Finance.

  • Possessing additional Risk Management certification or passing actuarial exams is a plus.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Actuary jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 4,230 to RM 14,200.

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