As globalisation brings new cultures and heritage together and increases foreign trade, many companies are looking for multilingual workers to help them expand their business opportunities. Translators can find work in almost any area, including tourism, education, and economics. Being a translator necessitates the ability to communicate smoothly in multiple languages while maintaining the same tone and message. 

Here are 10 languages that pay the most:

  1. German


It is easy for German translators to secure jobs especially in the international business trade as many companies are planning to move to other countries. Despite the fact that Germany is a prosperous country, the language is extremely tough to master. As a result, persons living outside of Germany will be unable to speak properly in this language. This also implies that applying for work as a German translator will be less competitive than applying as an English translator.

2. Mandarin 

Mandarin is one of the world’s fastest growing languages. As a result, Mandarin is an excellent alternative for people looking to broaden their horizons by learning a second language. As Chinese exports continue to expand, being able to converse fluently in Mandarin can be a major benefit. For example, you can be a foreign exchange trader where you will sell and trade currencies for your clients. 

3. Arabic

Learning Arabic can help you get well-paid translation jobs as many startup companies look for Arabic and English speaker employees. You may also work as a reporter or a foreign correspondent with a government agency. Government special agents are handsomely compensated; nonetheless, they must collaborate with the government in upholding the law and monitoring any ongoing crises. 

4. French 

If you desire to travel or work in academia, learning French is a great alternative. As more overseas students enrol in French institutions, colleges will find it easier to have a French-English translator on staff to assist them with student issues. You may also become a French teacher by working either in a traditional classroom or teaching students online. 

5. Japanese 

Japanese is considered a rather easy language to learn and is used all around the world predominantly in the business world. Those who are in IT, manufacturing and healthcare may benefit a lot from learning this language. As the demand for people to learn Japanese increases, the demand for Japanese tutors also increases. If you prefer teaching Japanese, you can opt to become a tutor be it online or in real life. Oftentimes, tutors work as independent contractors where they are able to decide on the schedule and are available to work with multiple clients. 


6. Hindi

Hindi is definitely one of the most widely used languages and it is a great option to those wanting to expand their career opportunities. Sectors such as telecommunications, manufacturing, IT and business require many Hindi speaking workers and by doing so, you will easily be able to work with the biggest corporations in this sector. 

7. Spanish

Spanish has become widely popular in the US where even English speaking musicians would incorporate Spanish into their songs. This shows that there is an increased demand for Spanish speakers. Learning Spanish can earn you a position in the healthcare industry as many patients are from Spanish-speaking countries with minimal English knowledge. You can help overcome language barriers while also improving the quality of care the patient receives. 

8. Italian

The Italian language is perfect to learn for those looking to improve their career in business, law, healthcare and finance. Italy is a beautiful country, therefore, there are many opportunities to become a translator or a travel agent to those who are visiting Italy. Therefore, being a travel agent is perfect for those who are travel bugs and love organising itineraries for people. 

9. Russian

There is currently a high demand for Russian translators in the finance, business and trade sectors. Those who can speak and write Russian may also have a good chance at gaining employment in politics and international affairs. For example, you can become a diplomatic agent by visiting other countries and negotiating deals. For this role, you may live and work in a different country while you intermediate in order to negotiate contracts and foreign policies. 

10. Portuguese


Portuguese is considered the fastest growing language after English as many professionals are from Portuguese speaking countries. Brazil is a popular tourist destination for biologists and scientists to learn more on the Amazon. Therefore, you can become a Portuguese translator to help them communicate with the locals.

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