Construction Manager Job Description Template

Construction Manager Job Description Template

Construction Manager Job Description Template Construction Manager Job Description

A Construction Manager oversees residential, commercial, and also industrial buildings. Involved in all project phases, from planning to completion. So, they collaborate with other managers specializing in various project aspects.

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Construction Manager responsibilities include:

  • Supervising and directing construction initiatives from the start until the end

  • In-depth examination of the project in order to schedule deliverables and estimate costs

  • Monitoring compliance with building and safety regulations for all on-site and off-site construction projects

Job Brief

Our team is currently seeking a dependable Construction Manager.

In this position, you will be responsible for planning and managing construction projects from inception to completion. Your primary responsibilities for the initiatives will include budgeting, planning, execution, and scheduling.

As the Construction Manager, you will work closely with various project stakeholders to ensure the execution of the project runs smoothly. Your sharp attention to detail and strong organizational skills will ensure that all construction activities adhere to the established schedule and budget.

Project management knowledge will be essential for coordinating resources, resolving potential problems, and delivering successful construction projects.


  • Supervise and manage construction projects from start until finish.

  • Examine the undertaking in detail in order to schedule deliverables and estimate expenses.

  • Supervise all on-site and off-site construction to ensure building and safety codes adherence.

  • Direct and coordinate construction personnel and subcontractors

  • Select materials, equipment, and tools and also monitor inventory.

  • Meet contractual performance conditions.

  • Review the daily progress of the assignment.

  • Prepare internal and external employment status reports.

  • Plan ahead in order to prevent problems and address any that arise.

  • Negotiate agreement terms, compose contracts, and acquire permits and licenses.

  • Assess, manage, and also reduce risk.

  • Ensure the application of quality construction standards and appropriate construction techniques.

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven construction administration experience

  • Expertise in construction management procedures, techniques, and methods

  • Expertise in building materials, construction particulars, and pertinent rules, regulations, and quality standards

  • Knowledge of every aspect of the construction procedure

  • Knowledge of construction management software programs

  • Capacity for planning and seeing the “big picture.”

  • Competent in managing conflicts and crises

  • Leadership and human resource administration competencies

  • Superior schedule management and project management skills

  • Bachelor of Science in construction management, architecture, or a related field

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Construction Manager jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 7,050 to RM 9,550.

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