Librarian Job Description Template

Librarian Job Description Template

Librarian Job Description TemplateLibrarian Job Description

A Librarian is a professional who facilitates access to the library’s information and resources. They develop educational programs, administer databases, and supervise library personnel. Their role is to assist library patrons with learning, research, and exploration.

What is a librarian?

Librarians supervise the proper operation of public libraries, school libraries, and law libraries, among others.

What does a librarian do?

Librarians organize the database of a library and assist patrons in locating materials and resources. Their duties may vary depending on the library for which they labor. In large libraries, for instance, librarians typically specialize in a particular field, such as administration, IT management, or the children’s library.

In general, a librarian’s responsibilities include: 

  • Creating and maintaining library inventory

  • Processing requests from customers 

  • Researching and implementing new techniques for information management

It is important, when writing your own librarian job description, to explicitly define librarian job requirements and responsibilities based on the needs of the specific position you are trying to fill.

Job Brief

Our team is searching for an experienced librarian with a passion for education and books.

You will ensure that the library operates efficiently daily and that all of our patrons are satisfied with our services. As a librarian, you will also be responsible for creating, organizing, and revising library records.

You must be a people person to succeed in this position, as you will frequently interact with patrons and other library employees. You will often manage multiple tasks simultaneously, such as demonstrating how to use the resources database or updating the information system, so endurance and patience are also required.

If you suit this description and have experience silencing noisy customers, we would like to hear from you.


  • Supervise the library to ensure its sanitation, order, and the security of its resources. 

  • Create and organize the library’s stock (including books, collections, periodicals, multimedia, etc.).

  • Perform routine reviews and updates of database information.

  • Assist patrons with reading material and reference research.

  • Respond to customer inquiries via telephone or email.

  • Publish and update content (such as book summaries, reviews, and blogs) on the library’s website.

  • Explore and implement innovative information system techniques.

  • Plan promotional activities and events (such as children’s narrative, author readings, book sales, etc.).

  • Manage the budget and invoicing for new library equipment.

  • Manage library assistants and other personnel.

Requirements and Skills

  • Previous librarian experience

  • Experience working with computers and electronic databases

  • Understanding of information management systems

  • Excellent organizational abilities

  • Effective interaction 

  • Ability to perform multiple tasks concurrently

  • A tolerant and affable character

  • A library science degree is required; a master’s degree in library science or information management is preferred.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Librarian jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 2,500 to RM 3,900.

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