Teacher Assistant Job Description Template

Teacher Assistant Job Description Template

Teacher Assistant Job Description TemplateTeacher Assistant Job Description

A professional who enhances pupil comprehension during instructional periods is an Teacher Assistant. This role involves supervising learners and extending education beyond the classroom through lunch or recess activities for effective knowledge reinforcement.

Use this template job description for a teacher assistant to find dependable candidates for your school. Do modify the duties, responsibilities and the qualifications listed below to meet your specific needs.

What is a teacher assistant?

A teaching assistant assists the instructor in lesson preparation and delivery and aids student learning. Teacher aides may perform either part-time or full-time hours. Before working with students, they are typically required to pass assessments. However, a formal university degree may not always be necessary.

What does a teacher assistant do?

Frequently, the duties of a teacher assistant depend on their level. In addition to performing administrative tasks, they may be qualified to occasionally fill in for absent teachers. The ages of the pupils may also affect the duties of teacher assistants. For instance, a preschool assistant will supervise children during play and meals. However, suppose they work at a high school. In that case, they will likely concentrate on creating lesson plans, preparing classroom materials, and assisting with remedial instruction.

Also, some assistants assist exceptional education instructors with students with disabilities. In these instances, they may need to provide students with fundamental care, such as assistance with personal hygiene.

Teacher assistant responsibilities include:

  • Helping instructors create lesson plans

  • Working with small student groups to improve the learning process

  • Ensuring classrooms are secure and clean

Job Brief

We are actively seeking a Teacher Assistant with extensive knowledge and experience to join our team.

As a Teacher Assistant, you will be crucial in supporting the teacher to ensure a safe and stimulating educational environment. You will be primarily responsible for assisting the teacher in planning and preparation for daily activities and supporting the instructional efforts of the teacher.

Whether it involves preparing lesson outlines, plans, and curricula in assigned areas, your expertise will be crucial to advancing our institution.

An excellent Teacher Assistant has in-depth knowledge and expertise in their particular field. For example, helping students adjust, learn, socialize, and report to teachers about potential behavioral issues.

By utilizing your skills and knowledge, you will contribute to the success of our institution and assist us in achieving optimal functionality and growth.

Join our team and have a significant impact on our establishment.


  • Aid instructors in developing lesson plans

  • Set up necessary classroom equipment (such as projectors and chemistry sets).

  • Track attendance and class schedules for students.

  • Review taught material with specific students who have learning difficulties.

  • Work with smaller student groups for remedial instruction or to reinforce the learning process.

  • Accompany and supervise students during school activities and field visits.

  • Ensure classrooms are clean and safe before classes begin.

  • Assist teachers with various duties, such as grading assignments and updating parents on students’ progress.

  • Help students adjust, learn, socialize, and report to teachers about potential behavioral issues.

Requirements and Skills

  • Experience as a Teacher Assistant

  • Familiarity with school administrative duties and instructional strategies

  • Excellent communication and planning abilities

  • A calm and optimistic attitude

  • Firm but kind temperament

  • A passion for teaching and the capacity to establish a rapport of trust with students, instructors, and parents.

  • A bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree is preferred.

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Teacher Assistant jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 2,100 to RM 3,000.

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