Barista Job Description Template

Barista Job Description Template

Barista Job Description TemplateBarista Job Description

A barista is a professional who prepares and serves coffee, tea, and other specialty beverages. They are responsible for receiving orders and payments from customers. Additionally, they scrub and disinfect their work areas, seating, and equipment/tools.

Utilize this Barista job description sample to attract qualified applicants for your restaurant’s open positions.

Barista duties consist of the following:

  • Greet clients upon their entrance.

  • Offering drink menus to consumers and responding to their inquiries about ingredients

  • Taking orders while paying close attention to specifics (e.g., coffee blend preferences, dairy and sugar ratios).

Job Brief

We are seeking a Barista to prepare and serve various hot and chilled beverages, including coffee and tea.

The duties of a barista include educating customers on our beverage menu, making recommendations based on their preferences, upselling specialty items, and receiving orders. To succeed in this role, you must have excellent customer service skills and know how to operate a brewing apparatus. Additionally, you must be able to work various schedules. This position is compensated with a salary and bonuses.

Ultimately, you will ensure that our visitors have an exceptional drinking experience.


  • Greet clients upon entering.

  • Provide drink menus to consumers and respond to their inquiries about ingredients.

  • Take orders while paying attention to specifics (e.g., coffee blend preferences, dairy and sugar ratios).

  • Prepare drinks according to recipes.

  • Serve beverages and prepared foods such as biscuits and pastries.

  • Receive and process cash and credit card payments.

  • Maintain the bar area’s cleanliness.

  • Keep a supply of clean mugs and platters on hand.

  • Verify that brewing equipment is operating correctly and report any required maintenance.

  • Observe safety and health regulations.

  • Communicate customer feedback and suggest new menu items to managers.

Requirements and Skills

  • Prior experience as a Barista or Waiter/Waitress is required.

  • Practical knowledge of brewing apparatus

  • A familiarity with sanitation regulations

  • Ability to perform a variety of shifts

  • Fundamental mathematical abilities

  • Capability to determine customer preferences

  • Outstanding communication abilities

  • SPM and relevant work experience a benefit

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Barista jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 1,800 to RM 2,000.

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