Sonographer Job Description Template

Sonographer Job Description Template

Sonographer Job Description TemplateSonographer Job Description

Sonographers are medical professionals who use high-frequency sound waves to generate images of organs and tissues that doctors can use to diagnose or monitor various conditions.

Use this Sonographer job description to recruit qualified candidates for your open positions. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

Sonographer duties include the following:

  • Ensuring diagnostic images are clear and making any necessary adjustments to the sonographic apparatus.

  • Selecting the appropriate settings and positioning patients accordingly

  • Monitoring and caring for patients during procedures to ensure their safety and satisfaction

Job Brief

We are seeking a Sonographer to join our team and assist our Doctors in diagnosing a variety of medical conditions, including pregnancy, cancer, and other diseases, in our patients.

Sonographers are responsible for using sonographic equipment to capture images of patients and aid in diagnosing various medical conditions and diseases. 

You will ultimately provide sonographic procedures directly to patients to better comprehend their medical requirements.


  • Select and scrutinize images, search for differences between healthy and pathological areas, and determine, based on preliminary findings, if the examination scope should be expanded.

  • Present Physicians with the sonograms and preliminary findings.

  • Complete the necessary documentation and maintain medical records for patients.

  • During invasive procedures, assist physicians and healthcare personnel.

  • Maintain and thoroughly sanitize the sonographic apparatus.

  • Perform medical procedures, including oxygen administration, vital sign monitoring, and emergency treatment.

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven work experience as a sonographer or in a comparable position.

  • Strong technical, interpersonal, communication, and patient service skills

  • The capacity to explain technical terms in a manner that is clear and easily understood

  • Outstanding insight and focus on detail.

  • Competencies in analysis, judgment, and decision-making

  • Relevant certifications and/or training as a sonographer

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Sonographer jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 2,900 to RM 4,200.

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