Audiologist Job Description Template

Audiologist Job Description Template

Audiologist Job Description Template

What does an Audiologist do?

An audiologist is a health care professional who detects, assesses and manages ear-related disorders.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an Audiologist?

They have many responsibilities, such as examining patients who have hearing problems, assessing the results of examinations and administering treatment based on the needs of their patients.

What makes a good Audiologist?

They must have excellent communication skills to share vital information with patients and other health professionals as needed.

Who does an Audiologist work with?

They will work with many different medical professionals like Nurses to ensure their patients receive the medical attention they need.

Audiologist responsibilities include:
  • Administering tests on patients and recording results for future reference

  • Conducting auditory tests when required by a physician

  • Supplying listening devices such as hearing aids


Job brief

We are looking for an Audiologist to join our team and assist our patients with a variety of ear-related medical problems. 

Their responsibilities include consulting with patients to understand their medical needs, running a variety of medical tests and overseeing the ongoing rehabilitation of patients. 

Ultimately, you will work directly with patients to help them identify and address a variety of ear-related health concerns.

  • Examine patients with ear, hearing or balance and other related problems

  • Assess exam results and diagnose the patient

  • Determine the best course of treatment, taking the patient’s needs and concerns into consideration

  • Fit and dispense hearing aids

  • Provide counseling for the patient and close family members on how to best listen and communicate using methods such as lip reading or other technology

  • Evaluate and follow up on the patient’s condition and record any developments

  • Educate patients on ways to prevent hearing loss

Requirements and skills
  • Proven work experience as an Audiologist or similar role

  • Ability to communicate with patients about sensitive topics

  • Work well with other medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients as needed

  • Problem-solving skills to identify issues with patients

  • Relevant training and/or certifications

Salary range

The salary range for an audiologist is between RM 4,200 to RM 6,700.

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