Police Officer Job Description Template

Police Officer Job Description Template

Police Officer Job Description Template

What does a Police Officer do?

A Police Officer ensures the safety of civilians while often being proactive in crime prevention. They are often the first to arrive on the scene in an emergency and administer first aid if necessary by collecting information from witnesses and properly logs any evidence found. They are expected to make arrests and document events to compile and file reports.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Police Officer?

A Police Officer should have up-to-date knowledge of relevant federal and state laws. Public safety is their key duty. To achieve this goal, a Police Officer is skilled in operating police vehicles, firearms, emergency equipment, and computers. They patrol their assigned zones to prevent crimes and enforce the law. From arresting suspects to monitoring traffic or writing reports, they strive to defend and protect others.

What makes a good Police Officer?

To be an exceptional Police Officer, one should have great communication skills as this position calls for frequent interaction with the general public and with colleagues and ranking officers. Compassion should also be a leading trait for this role. A good Police Officer should also be certified to perform CPR and have the ability to administer first aid. Their note-taking should be above reproach with an infinity for the latest department policies and federal and state laws.

Who does a Police Officer work with?

To improve the quality of life and feeling of safety for their assigned neighborhood, they work with multiple people in the field of criminal justice. They often work hand in hand with a Criminal Investigator to process crime scenes and evaluate evidence.


Police Officer responsibilities include:
  • Deterring crimes and assure community through high-visibility policing

  • Patrolling assigned areas and monitor activities to protect people/property

  • Investigating crimes and apprehending suspected law violators

Job brief

We are looking for a responsible Police Officer to maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their properties, prevent crime and improve citizens’ quality of life. The goal is to achieve community safety and crime reduction.

  • Deter crimes and assure community through high-visibility policing

  • Patrol assigned areas and monitor activities to protect people/property

  • Investigate crimes and apprehend suspected law violators

  • Observe and respond to various situations or emergencies

  • Follow rules, guidelines and protocols

  • Conduct initial investigations

  • Gather evidence and ensure successful prosecutions

  • Produce internal reports and provide feedback on case status

  • Deal with case paperwork and administrative procedures

  • Foster good public relationships and liaise with community groups or individuals

  • Coordinate operations with other emergency services

  • Attend and provide evidence in court

Requirements and skills
  • Proven working experience in law enforcement

  • Proficiency in using police equipment

  • Excellent knowledge of standard operating procedures, judicial procedures, civil and constitutional laws

  • Working knowledge of interrogation techniques and scene management

  • Knowledge and skills of law enforcement principles and practices

  • Adequate interpersonal and communication skills

  • Ability to build effective working relationships

  • Sound judgement along with effective decision making skills

  • Conflict resolutions and problem solving skills

  • Responsibility, dependability, honesty and integrity

  • Willing to submit to extensive medical and criminal background checks

  • Valid driving licence

  • High school degree; BS degree in police science or related field is desirable

Salary range 

The salary range for a police officer is between RM 1,600 to RM 3,900 . 

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