Recruitment Manager Job Description Template

Recruitment Manager Job Description Template

Recruitment Manager Job Description TemplateRecruitment Manager Job Description

A Recruitment Manager supervises the recruiting process, updates procedures, manages the team, and also monitors metrics. They implement source strategies, provide counsel on interviewing techniques, and construct professional networks. Essential skills include strong communication, decision-making, and team management.

So, this Recruitment Manager job description can aid in attracting HR professionals for recruitment management positions. This template is also simple to modify with your unique employment requirements.

What is a Recruitment Manager?

A Recruitment Manager is a professional who oversees the recruiting process within an organization. They develop and implement recruiting procedures, supervise the recruitment team, and also ensure labor law compliance. Thus, they aim to attract and hire qualified candidates to satisfy the organization’s present and future needs.

What is the role of a Recruitment Manager?

A Recruitment Manager is accountable for updating recruitment procedures, supervising the recruitment team, and monitoring recruitment metrics. They implement new sourcing methods, review recruitment software, and advise recruiting managers on interviewing techniques. In addition, they participate in employment fairs and construct professional networks in order to attract potential candidates. Their role is essential for effectively managing recruitment and ensuring that the organization employs qualified candidates.

Recruitment Manager responsibilities include:

  • Modernizing existing and developing new recruiting procedures

  • Supervising the recruiting team and providing performance reports

  • Monitoring recruiting metrics (such as time-to-fill and cost-per-hire).

Job Brief

We are seeking a Recruitment Manager to supervise and direct our company’s hiring process.

Our recruiters and administrators will collaborate closely to manage the sourcing, interviewing, and hiring processes. Recruitment managers must have an HR academic background and experience assessing and evaluating candidates to be successful in this position. 

Additionally, candidates should have knowledge of labor law. The ideal candidate for the team leader position is someone who can make effective decisions rapidly.

Recruiting managers will oversee hiring qualified employees to meet the current and future requirements of the organization.


  • Update existing and create new recruiting processes (e.g., job application and induction procedures).

  • Supervise the recruiting team and provide performance feedback.

  • Track recruiting metrics (such as time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, for example).

  • Utilize novel sourcing techniques, such as social recruiting and Boolean queries.

  • Review recruitment software and suggest the best option for company requirements.

  • Investigate and select employment advertising options.

  • Provide guidance to hiring administrators on interview techniques.

  • Provide suggestions for enhancing our employer brand.

  • Coordination with department administrators to anticipate future hiring requirements

  • Keep abreast of labor legislation and inform recruiters and administrators of regulatory changes.

  • Participate in career events and job fairs.

  • Create a professional network for the company through relationships with HR specialists, institutions, and other partners.

Requirements and Skills

  • Proven experience as a Recruiting Manager, Recruiting Consultant, or Recruiting Coordinator is required.

  • Experience with applicant tracking systems and human resource databases.

  • Knowledge of employment law

  • Experience conducting (telephone and face-to-face) interviews, candidate screening, and evaluation

  • Knowledge of social media and professional networks (such as GitHub)

  • Excellent verbal and written communication as well as team administration

  • Solid decision-making abilities

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management or Organizational Psychology 

Salary Range

The average monthly salary for Recruitment Manager jobs in Malaysia ranges from RM 7,500 to RM 8,500.

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