5 Things to do Before Attending a Career Fair

5 Things to do Before Attending a Career Fair

5 Things to do Before Attending a Career FairOne of the best ways to meet recruiters, hiring managers, and companies is at career fair. These gatherings provide you the chance to network with various businesses and perhaps secure your ideal position later in your career. Treating career fair seriously is critical for improving your chances of getting employed.

Here are 5 tips to help you get ready for the career fair and make a good impression on potential employers.

1. Create an action plan.

To ensure you know where each company’s booth is, get a layout of theirs in advance. For practice, you could talk to one or two of your low-priority companies first, and then you could talk to your high-priority compane.

Early in the day, when they are more likely to be approachable, is a good time to speak with high-priority organizations. Employers may compare you to other candidates if you are a well-qualified applicant. Talking to them early on also guarantees that you won’t miss them due to time constraints. But if you manage your time well, you can never miss a goal on your list.

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2. Examine every potential employer.

Find out in advance which businesses will be present at the career fair. Make a list of the businesses you would like to work for and begin your study of them. Hiring managers anticipate that you will know at least the bare minimum about their firm, its goods, and services before attending a career fair.

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3. Prepare your elevator pitch.

It’s also critical to have a brief elevator pitch ready in advance. An elevator pitch is a condensed overview of your training, history, and experience. Make sure you can deliver this pitch with comfort and confidence by practicing it. You can also include information about your hobbies, professional aspirations, and noteworthy achievements.

Read your elevator pitch aloud to yourself to catch any errors or tangential details that could detract from your primary ideas. You can also ask for comments by having your family or friends listen to you for approximately thirty seconds. It will be simpler to deliver your pitch the more you practice it.

This is an illustration of a strong elevator speech:

“Hello, I’m Siti. I sincerely appreciate your time. I have been working as a customer service representative for the past five years after earning my bachelor’s degree in mass communication. In past positions, I have kept a customer retention rate of 50%, above the business average, and have gotten 98% positive feedback from customers. I was thrilled to read about this retail management job opportunity because I’ve always been interested in developing relationships with customers, earning their trust, and generating repeat and referral business. I would also love the chance to apply my creative marketing, project management, and leadership skills to this role.”

Although it’s a good idea to prepare and rehearse your elevator pitch, don’t come across as forced. Memorize your speech’s main themes or basic layout to make your pitch more conversational. Learn this format and modify your pitch for each individual you present it to. For example, if you’re chatting with someone you recently met, keep the conversation lighthearted and concentrated on yourself.

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4. Prepare many resume copies.

Create several resumes, one for each employer you want to talk with, and print them out. If your skills are transferable to multiple industries, create separate resumes for each one. Make separate resumes for each of the professions you are interested in, such as education, management, or sales, and highlight your knowledge and experience in each.

Provide the hiring managers with the resume version appropriate for the job you’re seeking when you meet with them. Store your many resume versions in separate folders to aid with organization.

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5. Get ready in appropriate clothing.

Dress appropriately for the career fair on the day of the event. Many experts recommend dressing for the position you are seeking. But it’s always preferable to overdress rather than underdress. Wearing conservative work wear will help you create a positive first impression.

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