5 Affordable Countries with Digital Nomad Visa

5 Affordable Countries with Digital Nomad Visa

5 Affordable Countries with Digital Nomad VisaAn extended stay in a foreign nation beyond the duration of a normal tourist visa is possible with a digital nomad visa, which enables remote employment and lawful immigration.

Each nation has its requirements for obtaining a digital nomad visa. For the most part, having work that can be done remotely is a must in order to be eligible for a digital nomad visa. Along with meeting other requirements like obtaining international health insurance coverage, you’ll also need to make a certain monthly income.

Digital nomad visas are becoming more and more common as nations across the world begin to recognize and embrace the advantages of enabling these individuals to live and work lawfully in their countries. Possibly, your most beloved nation will follow!

Here are the top 5 affordable countries that offer digital nomad visa

1. Costa Rica

Average monthly cost of living: $1,000-$1,600

Minimum monthly income required: $3,000 for individuals and $4,000 for families.

Type of visa: Long stay visa (estancia) with Remote Workers and Service Providers sub-category

Cost of visa: $90 upfront with another fee after approval

Costa Rica is more than simply a destination for tourists; it’s adored for its Pura Vida easygoing atmosphere. It is now among the select few nations that invite digital nomads to its sandy coastlines. In addition to the well-known advantages of its wonderful climate, beach lifestyle, and affordable cost of living, Costa Rica provides remote workers who choose to make it their home with tax-free living.

In order to accommodate the large number of digital nomads, Costa Rica also has plenty of hostels and co-working spaces!

It will take around 15 days for the online application to be approved. If you can demonstrate that you spent at least 180 days living in Costa Rica during the first year, your visa may be renewed for an extra year.

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2. Malta

Average monthly cost of living: $1,200-$1,600

Minimum monthly income required: $2,956 (€2,700

Type of visa: Nomad Residence Permit

Cost of visa: $328 (€300)

With 400+ free public wifi hotspots and statewide 5G service, the stunning island of Malta is perfect for remote workers. You may work from home or at a local cafe while savoring a pastizz, a favorite snack! Despite being an island, you won’t be alone at all. Regular flights at reasonable prices to the European continent provide you with an excellent base from which to explore.

You must have a foreign employment contract, be the owner or a co-owner of a registered business, or be a freelancer with overseas contracts in order to be eligible for the remote worker visa. Candidates must provide evidence of temporary housing in Malta, such as an Airbnb rental and health insurance. The processing time might reach thirty days. Malta offers a one-year visa for digital nomads, which can be extended twice for a total of three years.

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3. Greece

Average monthly cost of living: $900-$1,200

Minimum monthly income required: $3,832

Type of visa: Digital Nomad Visa

Cost of visa: $246

Greece has among the lowest housing costs in all of Europe—it even surpasses Portugal and Spain. Food, shopping, and transportation expenses are all reasonably priced, so you’ll be in a good position to save money for other trips while in Greece. Furthermore, over 90% of Athens and Thessaloniki have access to 5G service, and the country’s download speed is about 37 Mbps.

Greece offers a one-year visa for digital nomads, which can be extended to become a residency permit if you are unable to leave the country or its culture. Suppose you’re seeking a long-term solution. In that case, you can extend the original two-year residence permit for a total of five years. You can apply for permanent resident status after five years.

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4. Mexico

Average monthly cost of living: $750-$1,000

Minimum monthly income required: $3,635

Type of visa: Temporary Residence Visa

Cost of visa: $51 depending on visa length

Mexico is an excellent area to begin your journey as a digital nomad if you intend to visit back home often. Most major US airports provide reasonably priced flights with suitable journey times. An increasing number of international remote workers who enjoy the food, people, music, and culture of our southern neighbor are moving there.

The average internet speed in Mexico is 46 Mbps, and major cities like Mexico City provide excellent co-working spaces for digital nomads to meet new people and do tasks. The duration of the Mexico temporary residency visa ranges from six months to four years.

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5. Portugal

Average monthly cost of living: $1,100-$1,600

Minimum income required: $3,328 for individuals

Type of visa: D8 Digital Nomad Visa

Cost of visa: $83 for less than one year, $100 for more than one year

Portugal introduced a new visa designed especially for remote workers to replace the D7 visa, which was popular among foreigners living there. Since then, the number of digital nomads choosing this nation has increased, and it’s easy to understand why: friendly locals, a reasonable cost of living, and gorgeous beaches are all big draws for workers who don’t care where they work.

Portugal, which is located on the Iberian Peninsula, has a diverse landscape that appeals to all types of travelers, whether they choose to stroll through serene woodlands or laze on the beach. Additionally, it’s compact enough for you to make use of all these features without compromising!

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