Punctuality is a basic requirement needed when you are employed but it may be a problem for some.


However, for those who find it difficult to reach to work on time, here are some 5 tips on what you can do to always be on time for: 

  1. Plan & Prepare in Advance

Set aside some time after work or before you head to work to prepare for the next day. You can lay out your work attire, pack your bag or pack your lunch. Planning these can reduce the morning rush ensuring that you will be punctual. 

2. Set Multiple Alarms

Use multiple alarms to wake up in the morning. This is to ensure that you have enough time to get ready without feeling rushed. Placing your phone or alarm clock across a room can force you to get out of the bed. 

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3. Create a Morning Routine

Establish a consistent morning routine that includes time for important things such as a light breakfast, personal grooming or any other tasks you need to do before heading off to work. Having a consistent routine allows you to allocate sufficient time for each activity. 

4. Check Traffic or Public Transportation Schedule

Before you leave for work, make sure to check the traffic or the public transport schedules. Being aware of potential delays or any slight changes allows you to plan accordingly if leaving home earlier is needed. 

5. Account for Unexpected Delays

Give yourself extra time to account for unexpected delays. It could be traffic congestion, public transport delays or other circumstances that could happen. 

Bonus Tip: Stay disciplined and commit yourself to always be on time. Being punctual is not only a sign of professionalism but it also shows the respect you have for your company’s time and demonstrates your reliability as an employee.

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