A pharmacist is a licensed healthcare professional that specialises in the preparation, dispensing and administration of prescribed medications and pharmaceuticals. Pharmacists play an important role in the healthcare system to ensure that patients receive safe and effective medications needed to manage their health problems.



As a pharmacist, you are responsible for the preparation and administration of appropriate medications to patients. You will either be administering a physician’s order or addressing the patient’s problems and needs yourself. 

The job requires a high level of responsibility and knowledge. A pharmacist must not easily hand out prescribed medicine. They must have expertise and willingness to assist people and provide the patients with information and solutions. 

The pharmacist must be fully qualified to understand and categorise symptoms so that the patient can either be given immediate treatment for a condition or have it referred to a doctor. Pharmacists must also be able to provide professional advice on vitamins and supplements. 

The goal is to ensure effective medication use and be able to help patients. 


  • Review and execute physicians ’ prescriptions checking their authentication and legality
  • Organise the products efficiently for easier identification
  • Maintain control over delivering, stocking and labelling medicine to present expiration or deterioration
  • Listen to customers on their needs and issues
  • Assist with other medical services
  • Prepare medicine in appropriate dosages
  • Keep records of patient history
  • Update your knowledge of medicine by attending conferences
  • Comply with all legal rules, regulations and procedures


  • Proven experience as a pharmacist 
  • Thorough understanding of dosage administration and measurement, chemical compounds and medical brands
  • Appropriate knowledge of MS Office and pharmacy information systems
  • Good organising skills
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Have integrity and compassion
  • Degree in Pharmacy / Pharmacology
  • Valid license to practise the profession


The average monthly salary for a pharmacist job in Malaysia ranges from RM 8,000 to RM 25,000

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