Being employed can put a lot of strain on the employees making them easily frustrated and stressed. There are deadlines and expectations that can definitely put immense pressure on them causing them to be overwhelmed. Handling stress from work is essential for maintaining overall well-being and preventing burnout. 


Here are five effective ways to manage and reduce work-related stress:

  1. Time Management & Prioritisation

Create a daily schedule which outlines the tasks and priorities you need to do. Organising your workload can help you set realistic deadlines and will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You can try to identify the most important tasks and finish them first. Finishing important tasks will make you feel a sense of accomplishment. 

2. Practise Stress-Relief Techniques

Research on stress-relief techniques such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness and yoga and try to incorporate them into your daily routine. You can also try taking short breaks throughout the workday to engage in these techniques and relax yourself from getting too overwhelmed. 

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3. Establish Boundaries

Set clear boundaries between your work life and personal life. Try to avoid bringing any work-related stress back home with you. You can designate a certain time to do work so that you can avoid checking on work emails or calls outside of that time. By establishing these boundaries, you can better focus on your own personal relaxation and activities. 

4. Seek Support & Communication

Talk to a supportive colleague, friend or family about any stress you are experiencing from work. It is proven that talking about your feelings and concerns can help you gain a fresh perspective and find potential solutions. Additionally, whenever you are feeling stressed or burnout, never hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional for help. 

5. Engage in Physical Activity

Regular physical activities such as running, going for a walk or a short gym session can be highly beneficial to manage stress. Endorphins are known to be natural mood lifters and stress reducers so by engaging in physical activity, it releases these endorphins. Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine even if it was just a short walk during the evenings. 

Bonus Tip: Stay organised and always declutter your workspace whenever you need to. A tidy and organised environment can definitely help reduce the feelings chaos. 

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